Wrapsody Philosophy


We are strongly connected to the hospitality industry and our niche is to support hoteliers in efficiently promoting their brands in ways that keep people dreaming, traveling and experiencing diverse destinations and properties.

In a world where stories have become the means of expressing identity, your brand needs the right ‘wrapping’ in order to tell your story in a way that makes you stand out, communicating it in a way that builds trust and tickles the imagination. This is what powerful stories are made of.

At Wrapsody, we do just that: ‘wrap’ brand stories with emotional excitement and rapturous sentiment, turning them into epic, travel rhapsodies that are inspiring, convincing and influential.


Our name is a coining of ‘wrap’ and the Greek word, ‘rhapsody’, used to express an epic story which conveys powerful feelings and emotional excitement.

And like the delicate art of Origami, in which a simple piece of paper has endless possibilities, so does Wrapsody fold and wrap all the corners of your brand, presenting it in a triumphant way. One that is emotive and consistent with your values and uniqueness.

After all, it is the appropriate communication strategy that will effectively wrap your brand’s success story.

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Our vision is to support hoteliers in efficiently promoting their brands through tailor-made and result-oriented services. We are committed to each client, becoming trusted partners and reliable team players on a mission with a shared vision: that is, to tell each brand’s story in the most influential way.


Our mission is to provide creative and effective integrated marketing & communication solutions as an outsourced strategic partner, helping hoteliers to enhance their property’s brand awareness, succeed in their desired marketing goals and foster business growth overall.

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This is how we do it

By identifying your brand’s uniqueness
We begin by identifying your brand’s unique value since it is our job to relay its individuality to the world, making sure your key messages come across with consistency.
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By evaluating your brand’s potential
We evaluate your brand with diligence and respect, diving deep into its past before deciding on how to present it, and then by devising a clear plan for future objectives.
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By delineating strategy & deliverables
We provide tailored deliverables that are fit for purpose and aligned with your brand’s objectives. Through a strong understanding of target audiences, strategic goal-setting and benchmarking, Wrapsody crafts marketing solutions that render results.

Meet the team

Here are the people who will wrap up your story and make it extraordinary.

Effie Moskofoglou
Effie Moskofoglou
Co Founder

Chief Communication Strategist

hermione tsentidou (1)
Hermione Tsentidou
Copywriter & Social Media Manager
Mary Karagos
Social Media Specialist & Copywriter
emmanouela kouka
Emmanouela Kouka
Digital Strategist
Leonidas Xagaras
Graphic Designer
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